Clay Doll 泥娃娃

Clay Doll for 3 Equal Voices

“Clay Doll” is a lullaby that my beloved, late grandmother used to sing to me as a young child. On hindsight, it does seem rather unusual that a children’s song would sound (to my ears) so melancholic.

Amongst the many varied works I have shown him during lessons, Leong seemed the most pleased with this one – perhaps it was due to the economy of means, disciplined counterpoint and a respectful return to simplicity that was so characteristic of the master himself.

This was the last piece written under the tutelage of composer doyen and mentor, the late Mr. Leong Yoon Pin, and was dedicated to him as a gift at our last lesson for being an inspirational example to us all, not only as a composer, conductor and teacher but more importantly, as a man of humility, who feels passionately and deeply in all that he sees, hears and does.

Albert Tay
18 November 2010
Revised 15 February 2015

Click here for a YouTube recording of Clay Doll.