Albert Tay’s Composition: Pop and Electronica

排排坐 Sitting in a Row

A commission from heritage curator Ms. Lynn Wong to compose a theme song/jingle for her 2021 Ho Yeah Festival, an event promoting Cantonese and Hakka culture. The video features Schola Cantorum Singapore Ltd. and is the first Singaporean choral recording employing the use of spatial audio. Best experienced with ear phones but please make sure volume is not too loud in view of surprise ala Haydn.

你是我的家 You Are My Home

Commissioned by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education Filial Piety Teaching Resource Centre. Melody and arrangement by Albert TAY, text by 金曲獎Golden Melody Award winner, lyricist WANG Zhong Yan (王中言). Golden Melody Award winning producer 吳蒙惠 Vikung RULJADENG helped record and assisted with the production of the original music video.

Mary Had a Little Techno

Musicators is a music literacy game app that my colleagues and I worked on together to help make music literacy accessible to the masses. Designed to support face-to-face music sessions, the app will allow students to practice on their own. This is one of several original theme music composed specially for this app.


An fun exploration of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Thanks to maestro Don RICHMOND for his generosity in lending his lyrics for this exercise!

Scoot Jingle

Had fun in this composition exercise imagining what a Scoot Jingle might sound like. Aside: Hey Scoot, hit me up if you wanna use this in your airplanes!

Nihil Ad Rem (Nothing Matters)

Electronica and minimalism experiment and my first foray into bouncing sounds between your ears. Best experienced with headphones!

Bass Guitar Galore

Compositional challenge accepted – write a new work that features the bass guitar as a solo!