Instrumental & Solo Works

Title Ensemble Orchestration Duration End Date
Nalemag String Trio Vn, Va, Vc 4:00 8/4/2004
Dreamzy Jazz Combo Sax, Pno 2:30 1/12/2004
Singaporean Fantasy Piano Solo Pno 5:00 30/11/2012
Songs of Childhood: 반달 (小白船) Xiao Bai Chuan Violin and Piano Vln, Pno 3:00 27/9/2013
Ode to Emperor Xiang 和项王歌 Solo and Piano Sop, Pno 4:00 26/1/2014
Dizimpressions (Studium Op.1  No.1 for solo flute) Solo Flute Fl. 1:00 10/3/2015
Saxy Saxophone Quartet SATBar 3:30 14/8/2015
Psalm 90 String Ensemble, Treble Choir SSA, Strings 2:30 29/2/2016
Nihil Ad Rem Electronica Electronica 3:30 10/10/2017
Salanghaeyo Pop Solo voice, electronica 3:15 10/11/2017
碧云天 Pop Solo voice, electronica 3:30 9/12/2017
别亦难 Pop Solo voice, electronica 3:30 14/12/2017
Rise EDM Solo voice, electronica 3:00 27/12/2017
神遊上河 (Shen You Shang He) Woanderings Live-to-screen Projection, Handbell Ensemble, Mixed choir Multidisciplinary work: Live-to-screen projection, Solo Percussion, Solo Soprano, SATB, Handbell Ensemble 6:20 28/12/2017
Longing 相思  Solo Baritone, Electronica Bar solo, Electronica 5:00 14/3/2018

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