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Visit to Universal Studio Singapore

I first met Hong Kong’s Plaisir Ensemble and their conductor Mr Man (think cantonese) at a choral festival held in Vietnam this year.  It was a happy coincidence that they could be in town en route home from Sri Lanka and we decided to meet up and hang out! Hosting them was a real pleasure…  Not only was there fantastic sharing of food, music, philosophy and ideas etc., it was also a very good excuse to give myself a break and have my maiden visit to the famed Universal Studio Singapore (ya ya, I’m a foreigner in my own country) together with Mrs Tay! While getting onto the monorail en route to Sentosa, we ended up queuing at the exact door where some of my ex-SAJC choir students were waiting to go to USS as well!  It was great to hear how they’re all in university and doing well.  相见不如偶遇, so we took a quick picture once we alighted from the monorail. The ex-SAJC choir gang still hanging out after all these years! More amazing …

Life & Death

Are they lacking composers and singers in heaven?  Leong Yoon Pin’s departure was not that long ago and now, I just received news of the death of a wonderful Taiwanese-German soprano whom I’ve had the good fortune of meeting, work with and learn from in the 2010 Taipei Bach Festival. Life can be full of surprises indeed, a real reminder that our time on earth is a short one where one should live life to the fullest.  Life is too short to live unhappily. Mdm 佩穎, Requiescant in pace. Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful soprano voice during the Taiwan St John Passion. Your generous spirit and humble outlook is an inspiration to all who’ve had the good fortune of working with you.  You will be missed!