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Serendipity Are Made of These

Intellectuals like to think one’s destiny is determined by one’s choices… this wannabe intellectual is feeling (at least for today), that perhaps one’s choices are governed and led inexorably by destiny…

Haec Dies:

1. A happy occasion where my old friend, seriously overachiever and talented NAFA classmate gets married! *congrats John!*

2. Two of my adult choirs pull off respectable public performances after having come a very loooong way:

2.1 The STAR Teachers’ Choir’s first public performance @ the Esplanade Library! The small chamber group of 13 (+1 conductor), completely self-led, made up of music teachers in-training and full-fledged music teachers. Do note though that many of them are learning singing for the first time, let alone conducting, leading warmups and organising themselves as a choir etc. I must say for such a group to sing music with 4-part divisi like today is not a walk in the woods!! GREAT JOB and kudos to the two conductors Rebecca Lau (Mayflower Primary School) and Allen Losey (Tampines Primary School)!!! *muacks*

Above: The lovely, crazy teachers from STAR Teachers’ Choir!

2.2 The International Festival Chorus (Singapore) celebrates its 40th Anniversary as a choir (yes, it was formed in 1974) for which I had the privilege of directing over the last 5-6 years where we nursed a thirst for exploration of ALL sorts of music – ranging from choral-orchestral works of all sizes as well as a cappella gems, from classical repertoire to pop, jazz & broadway to folksongs etc.… and tonight, IFC pulled off what is perhaps their best performance thus far, a Gesamntkunstwerk weaving in a jolly good script by veteran artist and educator Mary Ann Tear, brought to life by talented (AND good-looking) young actors Mattheus and Valerie Choo from Lasalle College of the Arts. The recently chosen ‘Irish Blessing’ meant for members who are leaving ironically became something quite apt for my departure… my swan song with IFC cannot possibly be sweeter!

Above: Moi & Mary Ann Tear.

Below: Just a small sampling of what came in the box… as much of the cheese, chocolates, red wine etc.etc.etc. MUST go into the fridge ASAP so didn’t take pictures of it all.

Above: The many beautiful people I’ve met, as well as parting presents and blessings from IFC… I’ve never received greetings in THIS many languages before… I didn’t have time to say it individually to everyone, but THANK YOU ALL!

3. Then I come home post-performance and chance upon Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s Mahler Symphony of a 1000 on TV… Yes I sang in THE Mahler 8 (eat your heart out people…) with the Singapore Symphony Chorus as a young voice major from 10 years ago!!

It was this faithful performance that made me yearn for the secret arts of composing and conducting orchestral works in the first place, not to mention setting up a chorus (IFC!) that could do symphonic works. What a wonderful, happy reminder on why I did what I did!

All things come full circle indeed… Serendipity are made of these!

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