Living with Endemic Covid-19 According to PM Lee

Did you catch PM Lee’s fab and timely speech earlier today? 

I personally liked PM Lee’s speech(writer) – it really addressed many of the prevailing concerns of the day. Read his full address here.

While I peruse foreign news outlets for a more balanced view of the world, seriously, don’t be too sold on the sensational reportage from some of these overseas players – who at times, seem more interested in testing Singaporeans’ psychological defences, influencing the opinions of locals to their advantage/agenda or simply keeping a hold on their own citizens who are currently residing in Singapore. 🧐🤔🤭

The takeaways are perhaps:

1. If fully vaccinated, we can be less kiasi (afraid to die) liao lah. Endemic Covid means everyone will catch it at some point in time, but with mild or no symptoms if fully vaccinated. Also, please go take booster shots if invited to do so.

2. Healthcare Protocol is streamlined and as simple as 1-2-3 (🤣 thanks for the much needed simplification!) and C+ people with mild/no symptoms will by default be on Home Recovery Programme (HRP) – like anyone who’s caught the flu.

3. Healthcare system wise, it’s still flattening of the curve primarily to keep severe illness and deaths consistently low i.e. no exponential explosion so as to avoid unnecessary deaths and not overtax healthcare system and frontline heroes.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s your reward – a meme worthy quote designed to get older folks vaccinated. “(…) the booster shot makes a vaccinated 80-year old look like a much younger vaccinated 50-plus year old!” Wah seeeeeh!! 💪😎🤣