Dona Nobis Pacem SATB

Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace) for solo instrument/voice, mixed choir and piano.

The inspiration for this work came from studying at the Kodály Institute and living in the beautiful Hungarian city of Kecskemét. Here, the skies are so clear that we could see high altitude planes painting straight lines against the blue canvass. The characteristic city hall has a fabulous set of bells that plays folk melodies and tunes by well-known composers at regular intervals.

(Photo of City Hall and Big Church from Wikipedia)

The solo was conceived in honour of my French housemate who is an amateur clarinetist and can be substituted with a soprano voice or other treble instruments. The final 6 bars of the piano part are a tribute to the city hall bells of Kecskemét. The work is dedicated to Dr. László Nemes and the staff & students of the Kecskemét Kodály Intézet.

Albert Tay
22 March 2012, 1022hrs
Budapest, Hungary.

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