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《愿》蒋勋 “Wishes” by Jiang Xun An English Translation

While guest conducting in Kaohsiung Dec 2022, I absolutely fell in love with my colleague Chen Anyu’s gorgeous rendition of 冉天豪 Ran Tian Hao’s choral work titled 《願》”Wishes”. The superb text setting and atmosphere painting music aside, the poetry by 蔣勳 Jiang Xun was an equally glorious piece of poetry – a fiery unapologetic love declaration that I think really deserves to be shared and appreciated by anyone who is interested in Chinese literature. If you want to send a message to impress your (potential) other half with Chinese poetry to declare your undying love, this could be it! Here’s a relatively functional English translation I cooked up – it’s obviously not meant as a poetic translation (I’m no poet!) and serves primarily as a study for choristers/conductors who are non-native speakers! The English translation I came up with can be used freely as long as it’s credited. Enjoy! 《愿》  蒋勋 我愿是满山的杜鹃 只为一次无憾的春天 我愿是繁星 舍给一个夏天的夜晚 我愿是千万条江河 流向唯一的海洋 我愿是那月 为你 再一次圆满 如果你是岛屿 我愿是环抱你的海洋 如果你张起了船帆 我愿是轻轻吹动的风浪 如果你远行 我愿是那路 准备了平坦 随你去到远方 当你走累了 我愿是夜晚 是路旁的客栈 有干净的枕席 供你睡眠 眠中有梦 我就是你枕上的泪痕 我愿是手臂 让你依靠 虽然白发苍苍 我仍愿是你脚边的炉火  与你共话回忆的老年 你是笑 我是应和你的歌声 你是泪 我是陪伴你的星光 当你埋葬土中 我愿是依伴你的青草 你成灰 我便成尘 如果啊 如果 如果你对此生还有眷恋 我就再许一愿 与你结来世的因缘    “Wishes” by Jiang Xun (translated by Albert Tay) I wish …

神游上河 (Shen You Shang He) Handbell Music

I am really excited to be given the rare opportunity to conduct the Ministry of Bellz in the premiere of my latest composition, handbell music 神遊上河 for Solo Chinese Bass Drum, Solo Soprano, Handbell Ensemble and Mixed Choir. The premiere will be performed by Ms. Melodie Ng (Percussion), Ms. Grace Kuo (Soprano Solo), Ministry of Bellz & the Schola Cantorum Singapore Chamber Choir TODAY,  27 January 2018 at the Drama Centre Theatre Singapore (National Library). Tickets are SOLD OUT so hope you got your tickets early! 神遊上河 is a first for me, in many ways. Unusual instrumentation – solo Chinese bass drum, solo soprano, handbell ensemble and choir. “Live” projection of a really cool ancient Chinese painting (清明上河图) as the music is playing. And yes the painting is scrolling from right to left as per Chinese tradition! Compositionally, this is pretty new ground for me… taking inspiration from various places: Ancient Chinese 编钟 bian zhong (bell) music Modern Western handbell music Compositional ideas from contemporary pop and classical music THANK YOU Baba Damien LIM and the Ministry of Bellz for having faith in us and for commissioning …

A Choral Tribute to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew

Sparked by the passing of Minister Mentor Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, I wrote a new choral work that will be premiered by the Schola Cantorum Singapore’s auditioned mixed adult choir. The text is adapted from Epictetus: When death overtakes thee how wouldst thou be found? Enough if I can hold my hands to the heavens and say, “I’ve not neglected the talents thou gavest me as to understand thy Rule: I’ve laid nothing to thy charge: I’ve not murmured or repined.” For the life thou gavest me, I thank thee. More details to follow! Albert