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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Let’s summarise 2011…

  • January
    • TATLO (THREE) in Manila performance with SYC Ensemble Singers

  • February
    • Saint Andrew’s Secondary School (SASS) Arts Education Programme
    • Completed Laudate Dominum for Solo S, SAB.
  • March
    • Annica’s Birthday Bash at Kbox (pool table, beer, food in a huge KTV VIP room)
    • Radio Channel for the Arts (too bad have to go off to Hungary so can’t help make it work out)
    • Hosting various Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Performance Exchanges
    • Vietnam Tour with SASS
    • Workshops for various choirs
    • Performance with Steve Dobrogosz
  • April
    • Hosting and attending more SYF Performance Exchanges
    • Conducted concerts
    • Passing of composition mentor Leong Yoon Pin
    • 2011 SYF Central Judging (Gold with Honours, Golds and Silver, it’s been a lucky year) and Workshops
    • SSO Workshop of local composers’ works (what a feast for the ears!)
  • May
    • Drinks with Kodaly Seminar Asia friends!
    • Nice Award from SASS, donated half back to the choir
    • Poland Competition with SYC Ensemble Singers (Overall festival champion aside, singing and living in Poland was fun!)
  • June
    • Herlina got married with Nikolaus!
    • Hosted Dr Miguel Felipe and workshops for 7 choirs!
    • Completed Prayer for Peace for SSAATTBB
  • July
    • SYF Presentation of Choirs and Bands with SASS for Co-Curricular Activities Branch (CCAB) in collaboration with choirs from Nan Chiau High School, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School and Maris Stella High Wind Band
    • Workshops for choirs and wind band
    • Final concert with MGS
  • August
    • BIG MOVE (OMG), packing up and bidding farewell to our Eunos home.
  • September
    • Hello Hungary & Kodály Institute!
    • Completed Ecce Crucem Domini for SSAA
    • Seminars, lectures fun fun fun…
  • October
    • Observations of Hungarian Radio Choir, Bartok Conservatory, Primary Schools & Kindergartens in Budapest.
    • Performance of Liszt Christus Oratorio
    • Getting to know more friends @ the Institute
  • November
    • Completed Dona Nobis Pacem for SATB, Pno, Cl.
    • Heard the most beautiful rendition of Esti Dal by Cantus Nobilis and conducting teacher Peter Erdei.
    • Performances at the Liszt Museum
  • December
    • Met up with Jessica and Zaitian
    • Met up with Leslie and Adam
    • More chamber/choir and solo performances @ the Kodály Institute and the Kodály Museum in Budapest.
    • Attended Ars Nova concert by solfege teacher Katalin Kiss and heard the most beautiful renditions of Orbán pieces ever
    • Christmas Carolling with Emese and the kids from the Kodály Iskola
    • Attended wedding in Malaysia
    • Attended Phil Youth

There are of course many, many other treasured memories and meet-ups with old friends, great company, teachers and students but that would probably be too long a blog. What a fun-filled year of singing, performing and travelling! Living in beautiful Hungary and studying at the Kodály Institute with some of the finest musicians and brilliant pedagogues is a heavenly experience. Peace and quiet in Kecskemét also allowed me to recharge my batteries, reflect on my work, conduct and rethink the many things that can and should be.

Looking forward to returning to Hungary and having another fruitful semester of studying and fun-filled music action. La vita e bella!

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