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How to get to Ferihegy Railway Station from the Budapest Airport (By Bus)

I just realised how complicated it can be to find one’s way to Budapest/Kecskemét upon arrival at the airport after a colleague from Singapore got in touch saying he was going to visit.

Here’s a blog entry with pictures to help all future English-speaking Kodaly Institute/Liszt Academy students and/or first-time visitors who are non-native speakers on how to get oneself to the “Ferihegy Railway Station” from the Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2.

Look for the sign below upon exit from the airport and take public bus No. 200E. Bus tickets are available from the Jegyek (Ticket) vending machine.
Sometimes, the bus driver will also have tickets for sale for you.

Bus 200E takes c.a. 10 min to reach Ferihegy Railway Station. The Hungarian name for this is Ferihegy Vasútállomás (fair-read-hedge vor-shoe-tah-low-mahsh). I would do this in IPA to be absolutely scientific about it but considering most people don’t do IPA, I shan’t bother. I would suggest writing this out on a piece of paper and ask the people on the bus. You might find the following sign on the bus helpful:

Don’t worry if you see the bus going to the highway and feels like it stops in the middle of nowhere. This would be the correct bus-stop:

and behind you would be a pedestrian bridge for crossing over to the Ferihegy Railway Station:

If you’re carrying tons of luggage, don’t worry. There’s a lift up at this bridge. Yippie!:

Once you’re on top of the bridge, you’ll have to be careful which staircase you use to go down. If you’re going to Budapest, follow this sign:

If you’re going to Cegled, Kecskemét etc., walk on further and exit at the next one:

Tickets can be bought at the vending machine on the platform. Check out the boxy machine on the right (this platform goes to Kecskemét by the way). If all else fails, there are always train conductors who check for cheats and can deliver fines to you immediately on the spot with their cool portable ticket-printing machine. They don’t always speak English though although they probably can sell tickets to you if need be.

Do note that like in Tokyo, trains that go to different cities arrive at the same platform. You will need to check the overhead signs to double check the timing and cities that the trains are going to. E.g. Trains to Kecskemét generally arrive at every 13 min past the hour (i.e. 113pm, 213pm etc.). Why is this piece of information important? Because you don’t want to be stuck outdoors at -15 degrees celsius temperatures waiting for 45 min for the train during winter. I would encourage checking the train schedules here: route planner. Train ride from Ferihegy Train Station to Kecskemét takes c.a. 1 hour and c.a. 15-20min to Budapest Nyugati Station.

It is straightforward for those going to Budapest since Nyugati is the last stop. For Kodaly Institute students, do check and ask locals whether the train has arrived in Kecskemét (usually arrives in the town around 10-15 min past the hour). The train for some reason stops at more places at certain timings and lesser stops at others so it is no good going purely by number of stops.

Good luck!

Albert Tay
Kodály Intézet 2011-2012


Using Credit Cards at the Ticket Vending Machine

I would strongly encourage you to NOT use your credit card on the ticket vending machine. I saw someone at the Ferihegy train station who attempted to pay via credit card… and his credit card was literally eaten up by the machine – it does not allow for a manual ‘swipe’ found in more advanced atm machines so there is absolutely no way you could stick your finger in to pull it out and nothing we did could make the machine spit it out. You have been warned!


  1. Nat says

    Absolutely detailed suggestion!

    Found it very useful!

    Could I ask a question? Do those vending machines take credit cards? If not do they take bank notes? Going soon and not sure whether would need to change some HUF in advance..


  2. Dear Nat,

    Apologies I don’t always check the blog due to truckloads of work.
    Frankly, am unsure whether vending machines take credit cards as I’ve always used cash (the machine accepts HUF). I would be sure to take note of it the next time I pass by Ferihegy.

    In any case, I highly recommend having some cold hard cash on hand always, in case of emergencies… e.g. needing to take cab (with no credit card machine), machine breaks down etc.

    Have a good trip! 🙂


  3. Noemi Kiss says

    Dear Albert, I found this on google and it was extremely helpful to me! I will be taking this trip and I have been very stressed out that there is such little information on the airport website. This really helps!!!!!!! Additionally, I found that the the schedule says that it takes 7 minutes from Liszt Ference Airport 2 to Ferihegy vasutalomas. It runs every 10-20 min depending on the time of day

  4. Dear Noemi, am very glad that the post was of help to you. Thanks much for the updates! I enjoy living in Kecskemet (alongside frequent forays to Budapest) very much and hope others will find it as pleasant a place as I did. Cheers!

  5. Serene says

    Hi Albert,
    I found your blog on Google while searching more information on the MA Programme. Your blog posts are awesome and should be useful if I get my break there heh. I’m planning to go in September 2014. Kind of petrified after seeing the thesis portion @.@

  6. steve says

    Thank you. Excellent directions. I know you saved a couple of Americans from getting lost!

  7. Hi Serene, glad it was of some help to you. It may be helpful to have some kind of research interest in mind first, but still keeping mind open to other possibilities as I’m sure the Hungarian experience may change perspectives. 🙂

  8. Hahaha! Just as I was helped by very kind people in Hungary, I had hoped the blog posts could help others in similar ways. Thanks for the note Steve! 🙂

  9. Thank you Albert!!! I’ll be arriving tomorrow and was a little nervous about how I would get to Kecskemet. Your detailed description will definitely help I’m sure! The Dane, Jane:)

  10. Dear Jane,

    Kecskemet is a beautiful little town. Hopefully it will go well for you!

    Best wishes,

  11. margherita frediani says

    Is there a sale train ticket office in Ferihedy to buy nthe ticket because my train to Kisvarda stops in Ferihedy ? Thank you. marga

  12. Hi Marga,

    During my recent trip to Hungary (a few weeks ago), there is now a small ticket office tucked away close to the lift on the train platform itself. Do look out for it, although I am unsure what time it opens/closes.

    Best of luck and enjoy Hungary!

  13. Danny says

    Thank you!! Getting ready to travel and wasn’t sure of how to get to the train station!

  14. Aldo says

    Dear Albert
    I want to travel from railway station Ferihegy to Mukachevo ( Ukraina), bat i don’t know if i have opportunity to buy railway tickets at Ferihegy station from the vending machines ? Thank you Aldo

  15. Tamara says

    This is so helpful thank you! I like to be prepared going in February for the first time and heading out to Debreceen to see a good friend of mine. Do you know how much the bus tickets approximately cost? I normally change my money abroad and take pounds since the rates are better and it may be hard to find a vendor with this currency. Thank you again!

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