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Important Places for Kecskemet Kodaly Institute Students Part 2

Here goes Part 2.

Exit the Institute and turn right.

This fascinating street holds many secrets. For starters, there’s a shop that sells yarns and the old auntie there can help sew on buttons for you for a very small fee (if you buy the string from her I think).

Strings and Other Things

Food & Beverage (F&B) Galore
Now on to one of my favourite topics… F&B. Here’s a Kavezo that sells main courses where you can sit outdoors when the weather is mild. I don’t think food here is particularly fantastic compared to Caesar’s or Csarda but it will suffice if one is lazy to walk.

Valentino, My Love
Moving further on is Valentino Kávéház which serves excellent coffee & tea in very nice cups and tea sets. A fantastic place to have a quick cuppa, chill out near school.

Bakeries, Our Life-Savers in Between Classes
Towards the end of the street is a bakery where you can buy bread when in a rush for time in between classes.

Turn left and you should see this street. Walk a few paces and on your left is yet another bakery that also sells soft drinks and other things.

Paper Trails (Post Office & Paper Shop)
Walk on further and you should see the following. Walk straight ahead for Post Office, turn left for Paper Shop,

Post Office (Parcels, Mail, Bills)
For big parcels (take note all ye people who need to post books/scores back home), check out the brown door in the above picture (yellow facade building) left of the phone booth. That is where you bring your big boxes. Word of advice: It is cheaper (nearly by half I think) if you are posting boxes of purely books & papers compared to boxes of mixed items (thermal blankets, shoes etc.). Alternatively, instead of posting, it might also be cheaper to just check in an extra luggage depending on the rates for extra baggage of the airlines you are taking.

If it is normal cards, envelopes, electricity bills etc., walk straight ahead a bit more. Press the right buttons (check with local native speaker what buttons to press) for the queue number and post as necessary.

Paper Shop (Cards, Pencils, Manuscript etc.)
This wonderful place makes black & white photocopies at one of the cheapest prices in town. You can also get all your stationary here. Alexa speaks excellent English while the other 2 ladies have a rudimentary command of the language to help you with your photocopying needs. If not, I hope you are good at charades. 🙂

That’s all for now. Watch out for the final instalment of this trilogy blog, coming soon!

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  1. I lived in Kecskemet in 1992 while studying at the Intezet. It’s lovely to see these photos so many years later! That paper shop – I can’t believe it is still there! It was my favourite, favourite shop! At that time, you could buy all sorts of what seemed to me to be exotic, socialist-realist-Soviet-inspired stationery items that I’d never seen in Australia. And you could buy individual pieces of paper, in all sorts of sizes. It was like a treasure trove for me. But definitely no-one spoke English there at that time.
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog Albert. Will you be at the Music Learning Live Fringe event in Singapore this week? I will be there on the Friday. Maybe we can meet. Regards, Gillian

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