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Guest Conducting the Taiwan Youth Festival Choir

English text below.

有幸被福爾摩沙合唱團的藝術總監蘇慶俊教授邀請當台灣節慶青年合唱團的客席指揮,與他和來自美國的 Matthew Oltman 同台演出。

  • 指揮台灣最傑出的青年歌者。有多傑出?請看上面在國家音樂廳彩排的摘要! 🙂
  • 與心思細膩的音樂家,教育家和藝術工作人員一起工作,奮鬥。
  • 七天內學會了二十多首不同作曲家,編曲家運用不同的語言和方言的合唱曲。
  • 四個城市,四個美麗的音樂廳。
  • 到了不同地方授課。
  • 當歌唱比賽評審。
  • 遇到馬來西亞的老朋友。
  • 吃到超級無敵讚的美食(岡山羊肉,台中燒烤)。
  • 《八陣圖》終於獲得發表,受表演者和觀眾熱烈的反應。



– 鄭維誠


岡山舊市羊肉, 高雄 has some of the BEST mutton dishes and soups I’ve ever tasted!


Taichung’s Kawahara Crazy Barbecue is one of the best BBQ restaurants I’ve had!


Rehearsals and performances at various places.

I had the good fortune of being invited by Professor Julian Su, Artistic Director of the renowned Formosa Singers to guest conduct the Taiwan Youth Festival Choir and share the podium with him and Matthew Oltman (Music Director Emeritus of Chanticleer) and oh my was this a fantastic experience!
A summary:

  • Conducted some of the finest young singers of Taiwan; Don’t believe me? Listen to their rehearsal at the National Concert Hall above!
  • Got to work with and observe the work of really meticulous musicians, educators and arts administrators;
  • Learnt over 20 beautiful choral compositions written by various composers and arrangers (some Singaporean) in various languages and dialects in 7 days;
  • Performed in 4 cities in fab concert halls;
  • Attended (and gave) music workshops;
  • Adjudicated a singing competition;
  • Met an old friend from Malaysia;
  • “Eight Trigrams” is premiered to appreciative audiences and performers who responded enthusiastically to it (really can’t imagine the same with Singaporean audiences).

Thank you Maestro Julian Su and your fantastic team from Formosa Singers and the Taiwan Youth Festival Choir. This is really one of the most inspiring and touching experiences I’ve had in a long while and I know your work will have a great impact on the next generation. Taiwan gambatte!

Addendum – here are some of the recordings of our performance below! One of my favourites, 阿爸的心肝寶貝 also below: